This small village is a hop, skip and a jump away from the larger village of Macharaviaya. There is even a 2 kilometre walking track between the 2 villages called the Ruta de Salvador Rueda after the Hamlet´s most famous son , the poet, who was born here on December 3rd 1857. If you have never heard of Salvador Rueda a visit to Benaque will quickly put that right! On entering the village the road is called Calle de Salvador Rueda, the school is called Colegio de Salvador Rueda, the bar is called Salvador Rueda and the house he was born in bears a plaque showing he was born there and outside stands a bronze bust with his face. This simple house of his birth is a fitting place for the self taught son of a labourer who himself called it a poor house.

Apart from the enormous church of Virgen del Rosario, a brick building that dominates the village and is so huge that the only place to photograph it is 2 kilometres away! there is very little else to see. Salvador Rueda has certainly left his presence in this sleepy Hamlet as his poems have left their mark on the history of Spanish arts, he being their first modernist poet.

The hometown he loved and visited so often during his lifetime deeply influenced his poetry:

La campiña cuando sales
se inunda de luz alegre,
y las hojas de las ramas
baten las palmas al verte.

( The countryside where you are is filled with joyous light and the leaves of the branches clap their hands to see you )

De dos montañas distintas
corren al mar dos arroyos,
y en el camino se juntan
para no caminar solos.

( Two different mountains, two streams flow into the sea, and on the way they meet, to not walk alone )

To find Benaque turn off the autovia following signs for Macharaviaya, after 11 kilometres just before the last turn on the road you can see the village in the distance, Benaque at an altitude of 240 metres a little higher up with the church standly proudly in its centre and then Macharaviaya two kilometres below it.

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