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Here are the 5 routes of the Axarquia. Andalucia's hidden secret! Ruta de la Pasa, Ruta del Sol y del Aguacate, Ruta del Sol y del Vino, Ruta Mudéjar and Ruta del Aceite y de los Montes... Ruta de la Pasa Ruta de la Pasa or "the route of the raisin" is steeped in history. You can almost hear the ... Read More


I discovered that there are many stories about this village, the most frequently told one being that it was where the resistance fighters against Franco hid and that eventually they were discovered and chased out of town. Others say that the villagers just left one day to find a better way of life b... Read More


Periana is situated 58 kilometres from Malaga and 23 kilometres from Velez-Malaga at an altitude of 547 metres above sea level. The village is backed by mountains, the highest point being Mount Umbria and the sierras of Carrion and Pinto. The land below the village sweeps down to the shores of lake ... Read More


Alcaucín is situated on the western slopes of La Maroma  at the entrance to the Natural Park of the Sierras de Tejeda, close to the spectacular Zafarraya gap, where you can step out of Malaga and into Granada province!  The approximate translation of Al Cautín, now Alcaucin,  is “the Arches” possibl... Read More


Alfarnate is one of the villages on the Route of Oil and Mountains and can be found in the far northwest of the Axarquia at a height of 925 metres and although as villages go its almost completely flat its surrounded by the rugged mountains of Jobo, Palomera and Enmedio which tower majestically abov... Read More


Alfarnatejo is situated on The Route Of Olive Oil and Mountains. The natives are called Alfarnateños and the town´s nickname is Palancos! Alfarnatejo is 50 klms from Malaga and 42 klms from the coast at Torre del Mar. The easiest route is to take the road between Rio Gordo and Periana and then turn ... Read More


Algarrobo is named after the Carob Tree and it is also one of the villages visited on the route of Sun and Wine. Natives of the town are called Algarrobeños. You have to be careful when arranging to meet someone there. You must specify whether you mean Algarrobo Costa or Algarrobo Pueblo as you coul... Read More


Almáchar is situated 35 kilometres from Málaga and 20 minutes from the sea. Almáchar derives from the Arabic “Al Maysar” meaning “The Meadows” and the village used to be known as Almáchar de la Cruz because of the cross that stood on a nearby hill. The symbol is still incorporated in the towns coat ... Read More
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